June 28, 2018

4th of July Party Ideas on a Budget

This is the easiest party post I’ve ever written because every item came from one place. It was not only one-stop shop, which I love, but that also meant there was no need to visit several sites to look up everything to link to. And, best of all, you know what’s coming next… it’s all affordable! Most items were a dollar. Yes, A DOLLAR. Where is this magical wonderland that makes mom-ing easy and fun? Well, if you ever watch my Stories, you likely know that answer to. It’s my home away from home, the lovely land known as Target. It’s where I film #NatsCarConfessions, escape from my family, get my much needed coffee, seltzer and 10,000 other things I never knew I needed.

The Bullseye Playground (a.k.a. the dollar bin) has quickly become my favorite place. Whoever is the designer and the buyer for them is spot on. Seasonal, timely, fun, well done… I can’t say enough good stuff. I get inspired for future ideas (I’m looking at you 1st annual screening under the stars!), pick up great teaching tools, little rewards and surprises for Lilly and, of course, plenty of party decor.

Because it’s kind of a grab bag situation and the items aren’t online, I, unfortunately (wink), can’t link them but just head to your local store and take a gander, there’s bound to be a ton of fun items for you to choose from. I like to scoop up lots of little activities and accessories (sunglasses, necklaces, headbands, glow bracelets, bubbles, chalk, etc.) for the kids to keep them entertained and place them around at different stations for them to access whenever they’d like. They make great photos ops too!

I always tend to cover tables in craft paper and throw out a few crayons, colored pencils and markers that go with the color palette to encourage the kiddos to get creative. And, with all the props and accessories, this is the perfect opportunity to break out the “Polaroid” camera and let them have at it. As you’ve seen on Stories, Lilly’s decorated her whole inside of her closet with her captures.

I love a special element or too provided by these Bingo (similar cards here and here) and word search cards. The confetti poppers (similar ones here) and silly string will make for some magic for the kids and fun photos and videos for the adults. It’s all about the little moments.

 Ever since Lilly got Zingo for her birthday and we play the legendary Bingo (as you saw on Stories!) in Sea Island, we’ve been obsessed with the vintage game and cannot wait to play this themed version with our friends who are coming over to celebrate with us. We may or may not have already taken it for a trial run or two!

Target even has marshmallow skewer sticks in red, white and blue…

We’re both loving these cute firecracker pop chalk sticks.

A girl after my own heart, Lilly loves a good word search!

We have quite a few options to choose from as far as what to wear on the actual day but this sweet Smiling Button dress is so far winning out.

Lilly’s really been into window clings (similar ones here) recently so I try to get her new ones each season. They provide hours of entertainment (she reuses and redecorates with them often) and make the plate look a little more spirited. Plus, all of her friends that come over, love to experiment with them too.

This post is proof that it doesn’t cost a lot, take much creativity or many stops to get into the spirit this July 4th. Thanks Target!

*Believe it or not, this is not sponsored. I’m just passionate about this place!