Hi! I’m Nat and I’m so happy you’re here! Let’s get acquainted…

I’m a mom of two. Lilly is 7 and Oliver is 3 and they keep me busy, entertained and often searching for my sanity. We live in New Jersey (with my husband Zach, who is often the butt of my jokes), but I’ve also called Pennsylvania, Florida, New York and California home with short stints in Spain, England and Colorado too.

I’m a former book publicist, magazine editor and Emmy-nominated TV producer. And while I loved all of those jobs, I longed to create my own stories. So in 2012, I submitted my first essay to The Huffington Post. It went viral (appearing on the homepages of both AOL and Yahoo) and it hasn’t been the same since.

Two years and dozens of articles later, I was a SAHM craving a creative outlet so I started a tumblr account. I loved blogging so much that in 2014 I turned it into its own site and Nat’s Next Adventure was born a year after my daughter was. I suddenly had two babies that fulfilled me in different ways. Together, I felt whole. Both roles have included a massive learning curve, lots of crying and second guessing. But they’ve also brought me so much joy, community and purpose.

Much like its founder, this little blog has evolved a lot over the years. While I still love throwing a good party or sharing a great gift idea, my sweet spot is still in the stories I tell. I write about everything from motherhood, mental health and more. And my vulnerability has given me one of the greatest gifts- the thousands of women, I now call friends, both here and on Instagram. We laugh. We cry. We commiserate. And we support one another in all we’re going through- the good, the bad, the hilarious and the heartbreaking. With my writing and this community, I’ve found my calling. And there’s no place I’d rather be.

Okay, maybe in Cabo with a marg. But this is second best!

Come say hello over on Instagram and join our tribe. There’s none better, I promise you that!

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