February 16, 2017

Alt Summit 2017

You know when things are just meant to be? The universe is trying to tell you something? I’d been eyeing the Alt Summit conference ever since I started blogging two years ago. It looked like so much fun and and I knew I needed to attend one day. Then, last year I was in Palm Springs when it was announced that’s where it would be held this year. That was all I needed. I was sold. To return, in January, escaping the east coast cold, to one of my favorite places, filled with not only color but characters like me? Photography fanatics, writers, creators, bloggers… It was a no brainer. My friend Brooke and I planned on attending together.

Then, I got pregnant. Due in January. No Alt for me. Unfortunately, I miscarried. When I was finally functional again and began to plan an altered life, Alt was sold out. But life has a way of working out. I became pregnant again. And, Waverly Inspirations, a.k.a. my Alt fairy godmother, offered to sponsor me at the conference. I couldn’t have been more excited. The icing on the already colorful cake? They graciously let me invite a friend to attend with me. Another obvious decision. I’d bring my bestie, the one I’d planned to attend with, former event planner and new small business owner (of the ridiculously cute kids line Poncho + Parker), Brooke.

The conference was held at the charming Saguaro which was such a welcome change from dreary, dark NYC. And the entire week was rented out for Alt attendees, which meant we could takeover! The pool was filled with fun floats, the lawn scattered with sponsors and every where you went, an Instagram op was happening. It feels so nice not to be judged when taking twenty photos of my feet! In a lot of ways, it reminded me of an extended, sunnier version of this.

Waverly Inspirations‘ set-up was so whimsical and well-branded. And their entire team is a dream. Check them out for fun fabric, paint and tons of inspiration!

All the little details made such an impact from the welcome box, to a hangover kit the first morning after the welcome party, to choosing your own colored lanyard, it was filled from start to finish with such personality.

Alaska Airlines gift box may have been the best one yet. Prosecco, champagne gummies and a cocktail kit with elderflower liquor? Too bad I couldn’t drink! My roommate made up for me! 😉

Before we buckled down and got to work, we had to schedule a fun day. Where else than the Parker?

Brunch at Norma’s never disappoints.

What else does one wear in a land of color?

The Lemonade Stand was a necessary stop.

As was, of course, snapping some ponchos.

Time to get planning! Such much quality content, so little time.

Back to the Saguaro and Alt!

Above photo by Armelle Blog. Below: RC Advertising

I broke out the birds for some desert fun.

You know it’s a creative conference when the room signs are light boxes.

So many amazing sponsors were there including Sherwin-Williams

Petunia Pickle Bottom

Who’s a woman after our own hearts with her patterned squares perfect for Instagramming.

Oh, you know, just workin’ the wind machine for a fellow blogger in a balloon-adorned Porche. Typical conference stuff.


and Mixbook (not pictured: Home Depot, Munchkin and more).

Who did such a good job of creating fun little pop-ups at their booth like this cocktail mixing one (photo by RC Advertising).

Until next time Alt Summit! Thanks for such a fun, informative and productive week!

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