September 17, 2015

Behind-the-Scenes of Our Photoshoot

In keeping with the Fashion Week theme, I thought I’d give you guys a behind-the-scenes of our family photo shoot. Zach rolls his eyes when I say that. He says we’re not celebrities posing for a magazine cover. I say they’re photos being shot of us a.k.a. a photo shoot. He, being from Texas, says pictures made as in “Today we had our pictures made.” What?!? That’s not even proper English, is it? It drives me mental.

Anyway, I digress…

The photo shoot. ūüôā Last year during our stay in the Hamptons, we had Diana Lee Photography¬†take some snaps and loved the way they turned out so much, we had her back this year. Since having Lilly, we do professional photos once a year and I treat myself to hair and makeup because otherwise I look like Gollum from Lord of the Rings.

But last year I drove all over town, last minute trying to get my appointments in while sitting in traffic, stressed. Well, no more, my friends. This year, Mama got smart(er) and called (And by “called” I mean hit a few buttons on an app!)¬†GLAMSQUAD. Literally, a day later, there were two lovely, highly qualified women in my home to get me all girly. No driving, no gas mileage, traffic, wait time, babysitter fee… I got to stay in my comfies, do work and listen to my babe. It was a dream. Then, I simply walked downstairs for the shoot.¬†Talk about #squadgoals! Book them NOW for your next event, meeting, night out…

unnamed-8 (1)

This is basically my day in a nutshell- sweats on, computer in lap, phone in hand, baby monitor in reach… minus the glam!


unnamed-5 (1)

unnamed-6 (1)

My eyebrows have never looked so good!

unnamed-3 (1)

And, now, the shoot…


I love her in this dress. I might have to order it in every color.


Zach and I wore neutrals making her dress pop.

unnamed (1)






This is the dress¬†you guys voted for (and a top you’ve seen before)!


unnamed-62 (1)








Hope you enjoyed them. But, most importantly, please weigh in and let me know whether you’re team Nat or Zach? Photo shoot or pictures made?