January 2, 2015

The Best Photo Printing Apps

Wondering what to do with all of those holiday photos and New Year’s snaps?

Or are you like me and haven’t printed one single photo in two years?

Well, like everything, there’s an app for that.

Actually, there’s dozens. And, per usual, I was overwhelmed and indecisive when it came to all of the options. So, I read up on all of them and settled on three to test out for you-and me! Artifact UprisingOrigrami and Postal Pics.

But, as of today, a full two weeks later, I still have not received the Postal Pics prints so they’re out. #sorrynotsorry






*By far the most options out of the two (3 different sizes, 2 different styles including Polaroid, 2 different borders, different packaging and price points. Starting at $21.95 for 36 prints.)

*There’s the option of print names, captions or dates on the back of the photo.

*The packaging is charming.

*It’s easy to change the quantity and edit your order.

*Free shipping.

*Accepts Paypal.



*Printed some low-res photos without any warning.

*Doesn’t provide shipping options.

*Ships from Australia and took about a week longer to receive than Artifact Uprising.

*Doesn’t offer anything other than prints.





*Lets you know when a photo is low-res and won’t print it.

*The quality of the paper is really good, archival-worthy.

*You can easily find frames to fit the print.

*They provide different shipping options.

*The orders arrive very fast even with standard shipping.

*They offer other items like photo books, calendars and cards.


*They only offer one size (5×5 square) and quantity of photos (25 for $21.99).

*The packaging isn’t as pretty.

*It’s not as easy to change the quantity and edit your order.



Origrami’s 4×5 retroprint (a.k.a. Polaroid) below left. Artifact Uprising’s 5×5 square below right.

unnamed Bottom line? If you’re looking for kitsch, I’d go with Origrami. Stunning snapshots and one-of-a-kind gifts? Artifact Uprising.


Whichever you choose, may your 2015 be filled with frame-worthy moments.