May 5, 2016

Lilly’s Big Girl Bedding

Now that my mini is three, it’s goodbye nursery! Time for a big girl room. She’s been over to the homes of several friends who already have a twin bed and sees it as her mission to get up on it and stay there, making herself right at home. And, it’s all she can talk once we leave.

I love a good makeover, of any kind, but especially a home one, as evidenced here, here and here. Designing Lilly’s room a little over three years ago (finally at 35 weeks pregnant!) was my favorite project to-date. It was a labor of love (pun intended) and I can’t wait to do it all over again. Designing her room, not having a baby. 😉

Those that have been following the blog know that I have a hard time making decisions (hence Choose Nat’s Next Adventure). When it comes to something big, I go with my gut and have laser-like focus, precision and confidence, usually jumping before I’m really ready, take getting pregnant or this site, for example. But, the little things? I love them all, can envision lots of different possibilities and get caught in the clouds dreaming about every potential, each option. When it comes to what to do for dinner, where to go on vacation or how to narrow down my shopping cart, I’m at a loss. So that’s where you come in!

This time, it’s Lilly’s bedding I can’t decide about. Really, her whole room. How can you blame me when everything out there these days is so stinkin’ cute? None more so than Land of Nod items. It’s the same company I turned to for Lilly’s baby bedding, changing pad cover and curtains (and countless gift guide items) and, once again, I’m choosing the whimsical, quality company to outfit her room. But which bedding?

It’s no secret my girl loves her bunnies, so this duvet cover (above) is absolutely an option.

The other? Well, it fulfills my and her mermaid obsession.

Which is your favorite? Voting has closed for this adventure.

Please vote on which bed Lilly should get!