February 8, 2017

Our Biggest Adventure Yet

As if expecting a baby (and a boy at that!) isn’t enough of an adjustment, we’ve got more major news. (Cause we either do nothing at all or everything all at once, it’s just our style.) It’s something I’ve been holding in for months now and am so glad I finally get to share!


…to the burbs! What?!? Just call us cliché. Two kids, a yard with a (not-so-white or picket) fence. What’s next? A dog. NO. No dog. Despite Lilly’s requests. We’ve got enough on our plate for now!

For those who’ve followed this blog since the beginning or read my HuffPo articles, you know this isn’t our first time leaving the big apple (or moving while very pregnant!). It’s actually Zach’s third time! So that part doesn’t seem like such a big deal. At least we know we can always come back! 😉 But, we truly feel like it’s time to move on. As much as we’ve tried, we’re not small apartment people. We both grew up in the burbs with a yard, sidewalks and cul-de-sacs, plenty of space and want that for our kids too. And ourselves. When they’re driving me nuts, I want to be able to send them outside and watch from a window where I can get stuff done at home instead of having to pack everyone and everything up and take a ten minute walk to the playground or park.

I want to be able to drive to the grocery store or mall, knock out errands and load up my car instead of walking to five different locations and schlepping everything back by hand in, often, inclement weather. You know, normal people stuff.

I want to be able to store everything I own (and access it!) in my own home instead of my parents basement 90 miles away. I can’t tell you the amount of times I’ve had to re-purchase items I already own (party goods, seasonal cookie cutters, tableware or decor) because they were in Pennsylvania and, by the time I realized it, wouldn’t make it here in time. Or Amazon is cheaper and easier than my parents taking it to UPS and paying for it.

I’ve dreamt my whole life about designing and decorating a home but have always rented and been extremely limited in what I can do. I cannot wait to get out of cookie cutter rentals with tan walls and be able to actually do things: hang a chandelier or light fixture, add built-in’s, put up some wallpaper…


But, mostly, I’ve envisioned setting up a life for my family and myself. And while we have a very fun one in NYC and LOVE our community (We’ve got the best friends and Lilly attends the greatest school with amazing teachers and families.), we can’t afford to live here forever. At least, not the way we want. And after moving around a bunch, I’m aching to put down some real roots for once in my life. I hesitate even saying this cause, knowing us, we’ll be making another move in a few years but the intention is to set up a life there. The schools are amazing so Lilly (and her brother!) can stay there till high school graduation, it’s safe, family-friendly and just feels right.

The goal was to get back to California but sometimes in life goals change. While I still love the west coast and plan to continue to visit at least once or twice a year, New York is where Zach’s career is (he’ll commute into the city every day) and it makes the most sense for us, as a family, to stay close.

For those who give the New York suburbs a bad rap (there’s a lot), I say spend some actual time there. Beyond a reality or scripted show stereotype or sports team persona, the actual people are lovely and so are the houses and grounds. Where we’re going (I’m not naming the actual place for security reasons. I write the occasional controversial piece and once had a hater stalk me for six months, reaching out to every email account, employers, my alma matter, calling and sending me letters at work, home…) is beautiful and, many of the people we’ve met there, came from Manhattan. No accents or attitudes there.


And we get the best of both worlds! We’ll live in a quiet, spacious, easier (minus 24-delivery and walkability) environment but are only 15 miles from the city so we’ll get to access it often, see friends, go to a show, museum, favorite restaurant… And I’ll still get to come in for work or an event from time-to-time too!

Having said all of this, it will be a huge adjustment, bigger than we probably know and there will be plenty we will miss. Beyond delivery, the best restaurants and bars in the world are down the street from us. We’ll miss natural exercise, not having to worry about having a drink or two while out and how we’re going to get home (Thank God they have Uber there! But if you’ve driven somewhere, then you have to leave your car, pick it up in the morning… Champagne problems. And how most of the world lives. We’re spoiled city folk.) and the natural spontaneity that only a city like New York can offer. Although, let’s be honest, kids really ruin that, not the burbs.


Like everything I do in life that’s worth it, this next adventure is equally exilerating and terrifying and I can’t wait for it to begin!

Follow along on Instagram and Stories the next few months as we do construction, decide on decor and settle in! I’ll be documenting the whole process from moving to designing there and, of course, here too!

But, first, I’d love your help! What are your favorite decor and design sites, blogs and social accounts to follow? Whose home are you loving? Who has the best bedding? Favorite places to source art? Help!