November 12, 2015

Choose Nat’s Holiday Card

Four years ago, while living in Los Angeles, Zach and I started doing holiday photo cards. We were recently married and thought it was about time we grow up and send out joint cards. Up until that point, I’d done my own, printed, photo-less cards. Still delighting in the fact that we were wearing shorts in December, we decided to run skate with that idea (and in the process probably ticked off all of our east coasters). We had so much fun that day. Cut out of work early, enjoyed a few cocktails, skated, followed by more drinks. We couldn’t stop laughing watching one another stumble on the “ice”, which turned out to be a 30 x 30 piece of plywood. Only in LA!


The following year, I was pregnant and working on the Universal lot (producing the Hallmark Channel talk show Home & Family). Every day, I drove by the Jaws set, Desperate Housewives neighborhood, The Voice soundstage… I knew I had to include some magic from my time there. When the holidays rolled around and the Grinch Who Stole Christmas plot came alive, I knew that was just the place. Zach and I stood in Whoville and made some play on words regarding the film coupled with an announcement that I was expecting. But, somehow, I can’t remember the phrase or find the card. I chalk it all up to a major case of baby brain!

The following year, our girl arrived and there were only three words necessary…


Last year, these dots- and that face- had us feeling pretty happy.


Both snaps of Lilly were taken by our talented cousin Sharon. Those in the Dallas- Fort Worth area, look her up. Capturing a shot of our active and often agitated, when it comes to photos, diva is no easy feat! Sharon’s so quick and great with kids and takes stunning shots. She’s graciously shooting ours again this year.

So there you have it, the past three (er, four) cards!

What should it be this year?

Foil-Pressed Joy


or Oh What Fun in Watercolor?


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