March 13, 2017

Dining Room Design Board

We’re mixing things up a little bit at our new house. The room that is traditionally used as/called the dining room is going to be turned into the office (and multi-purpose room: crafting, sitting area, reading nook…) because I work from home and will use this space much more than a formal dining room. And the long, narrow room off the kitchen that was last used as another sitting area by the previous owners, we’re turning it into the eat-in/dining area as it fits our family better. The living room is one over so there was really no need for another sitting area (especially after the office having one too) and this is close to the kitchen and the patio if we’re entertaining outside as well.

Because it’s going to be our everyday table, I wanted it to be fairly casual- and comfy- so I opted for a settee and bench. I imagine cozying up on it with my computer or a glass of wine with my girlfriends (when I can) and the bench is kid accessible and friendly. Plus, if we’re entertaining, it can be pushed in so guests can easily access the appetizers. I also wanted a rustic (non-destructable) table. It fits our laid-back vibe. It was also important to have one that’s extendable for when we’re having a larger, sit-down dinner, we can add leaves and accommodate more guests. Since we’re not trying to break the bank, the extra and end chairs will come later once we recoup some savings.

Speaking of savings, I’m working with a designer part-time (I bought hours through HomePolish). I’m very particular about what I like and don’t, have a strong vision and didn’t want to go with someone else’s ideas about my home so I’m doing a lot of the sourcing on my own. But, I need help when it comes to the big picture. Someone to suggest something I may not have thought of, offer up their opinion (I love collaborating!), help me pull it altogether and her discounts don’t hurt either! She found the following rug and originally suggested it for the living room but once I found the settee and knew what table we were always planning to go with, I thought it worked perfectly for the dining room. Once we saw it all together, she agreed. I can’t wait to see everything in the room and have the first meal with my family there! I’m thinking lasagna. Served with plastic wrap over the settee, naturally. ūüėČ

Salvaged Wood Dining Table

Fenley Rug

Colette Sofa

Salvaged Wood Bench

Bubble Chandelier

Parallels Pillow

Intersect Pillow

Risa Pillow

Raeburn Pillow

Liu Pillow

Mali Mud Cloth Pillow

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