September 26, 2016

DIY Kids Shoes

We love custom around here (kicks, leggings, tons of items in our gift guides…) so when it came time for back to school shoes, I wanted to do something personal and I’m always looking for a good project for a crafternoon with Lilly so I thought decorating a(nother) pair of shoes would be fun. We already pom pomed mine, why not paint hers?


After she helped pour the paint into an ice cube tray, which was half the fun, she took over my job of photog.



She couldn’t get over that I was letting her paint all over her new pair of shoes. It was so cute. (Some video below.)


Then she coated her entire hands and part of our walls when I wasn’t looking. ?



She couldn’t wait to show her teachers and friends her wearable works of art; it’s all she could talk about!


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