January 12, 2017

Gender Reveal…


What?! You should’ve seen our faces when reading over the results. Dumbfounded is a good word. While I just knew Lilly was a girl from day one and would’ve fallen off the table if they had told me differently, I wasn’t that sure this time around, it could’ve gone either way for me. Still, I think we just assumed girl. The comfort level was girl. It’s what we’ve known for four years now, we both have sisters, three nieces (and two nephews), the clothes, the toys… I turned to Zach and said, “I don’t know what to do with a boy.” His response? “Me neither!” I said, “You ARE a boy! How can you not know?!”

But, after walking around a bit “deer in headlights” for a few days, we’re thrilled. I know deep down, as much as he loooooves¬†his little girl and truly would’ve been 100% happy with another, Zach wanted a boy. And his parents, who only have girl grandchildren and, of course, adore them, are excited to have the first boy and someone to continue on the Friedman family name. Our nephews and eldest niece, who’s a true tomboy, are over the moon too.

So while most of Lilly’s wardrobe will have to be retired ?¬†(There’s plenty that have already called dibs!), we’re really excited to have a little man (mostly just a healthy baby and to have made it thus far, fingers crossed for the next few months). We’ll just need some advice! Favorite places to shop for a boy? Pee Pee Teepees: useful or a waste? Let us know what we need to know!

Thank you to all of you for your continued support, prayers and love- we’re so appreciative; the good vibes have sincerely helped.