March 20, 2017

Home Decor: Playroom Inspo

When we first brought Lilly to our new home, it was still furnished and being lived in by the previous owners. The little girl’s room upstairs was big and pink, with a tent and every toy imaginable. My girl couldn’t keep her hands off of anything, sitting and playing piano, looking through the porthole window, frolicking in the tent. Before we’d left the city to drive out to the suburbs, she said she didn’t want to move. Once she saw the little girl’s princess palace, she proclaimed, “I want to live here forever! And the pink room MUST be mine.”

And it will be, sort of. While we’re not making it her bedroom (her much smaller space will be across the hall), we are turning it into the playroom. I think she’ll still be thrilled with it, as will her mama since we’ll finally have somewhere to store all the puzzles, games, books, toys, trinkets… Not only is there ample space but a closet (sound the choir!) as well. I cannot wait to have an entire room devoted just to her ever-growing collection of… stuff.

While the pink walls have since been painted (white), there will still be plenty of color, character and charm. I want it to be a fun, whimsical space that encourages them to imagine and dream. There’s going to be an entire wall of books, a teepee and a bunch of bright, comfy poufs. More details below…



Accent Wallpaper

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Acrylic Book Shelves

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