May 24, 2019

How to Pack the Perfect Beach Bag

It’s taken me six years of motherhood, but I’ve finally perfected the beach bag. I was always forgetting something. Things were soaked, crumbled or crunched. We didn’t have this, had to borrow that. For years, we were ill equipped and, since then, I’ve learned by trial and error what works best for us. I’d love to hear your ideas!

First, you need a good bag. One that’s waterproof, sturdy, big, has pockets… It’s a tall order. I found the perfect one in 727 Sailbags. They’re made out of recycled sails. So you know they’re equipped to handle any kind of element including Hurricane Lilly and Tropical Storm Ollie! They’re on the pricey side but durable and long lasting so if you invest now, you’ll still have it fifteen years from now when the kiddos are off to (or out of!) college.

I also use their toiletry bags as wet bags to hold soaked suits, rash guards, sunblock, diapers, dry clothes… Anything that needs protected from the pool water or sand. There’s also some affordable options on Amazon. And, when all else fails, there’s good old gallon bags from Ziploc or any brand for that matter.

I love these clear plastic cases for sunglasses, snacks, ID and credit cards, cash, headphones, antiseptic, bandages… Again, anything you don’t want getting wet but could also be crushed. And, I’m totally that mom that brings her phone into the pool and out on the beach so this protective cell case is necessary.

In addition to sunscreen (We like spray for the body and stick for the face and usually use Aveeno, Babyganics or Neutrogena. This stick glides on so easily, is clear and applies to wet skin.), I always pack insect repellent and hand sanitizer too. And always have extra diapers, wipes and travel trash bags with us.

We also usually travel with a speaker because a good playlist is necessary for every occasion.

And water shoes are vital for kids in the summer. They give them support and protect them from sharp shells while still letting their feet breathe. Plus, you just wash them down when they’re dirty or sandy. We love Native’s and Old Navy.

I also throw in some books in a gallon bag so they’re protected, a travel game or two and this travel tray and some dry erase markers and crayons for some much needed shade time.

Of course, I think it goes without saying, don’t forget a bunch of beach towels, cover ups, a change of clothing for each family member, sunglasses…

That’s it! Let me know what I missed and what your must haves for your beach bag are.