May 6, 2015

Lilly and Peppa Do 2!

You chose Peppa. We did Peppa!


They say love is in the details. Well, there’s no greater love than I have for my girl so this fete was full of the little things that, when you add them all up, matter much. Kind of like life.

After last year’s French-inspired muted tones, I was thrilled to go vibrant and really embraced the kaleidoscope of colors in Peppa’s world.

 Invite from ERR Designs. Thank You tags from Red Apple Studio. I paid for only the digital files, then downloaded, printed and cut out myself, saving so much money!

Pictured below: Pinwheel and Cupcake ToppersParty Hats and Hooray Gift Tags


…along with the Spotty and Pink Stripe favor bags, also from Shop Sweet Lulu, one of my favorite places on earth. Boy, can I do some damage there! I even buy things for future parties and gifts that haven’t been determined yet and plan around the decorations.

I settled on both the spotty and the pink stripe collections because I didn’t want everything to be one-note or have a Peppa explosion. Instead, I placed her and her crew sporadically throughout the space and let the whimsy of Meri Meri’s Toot Sweet collection set the tone.


Perhaps my favorite decoration ever made: The Party Pinwheel. These are so versatile. Use them as centerpieces, wall hangings, props or, like I did, as a photo booth backdrop. The best part? They come accordion-style so they’re folded, take up little room and are easy to transport. Plus, they’re affordable and do SO much to transform a space.


Aardvark Straws, the only FDA-approved, eco-friendly paper straws. Their new versions are bendable! Perfect for little mouths. I chose the kelly green, candy apple, bright yellow, sky blue and bubblegum pink to complement the rest of the Peppa palette.


Custom cake topper by Athena and Eugenia, who paid such attention to detail and made several drafts and rounds, without me asking, to make sure she got it just right. Even then, she whipped up one more to be safe. While this is a definitely a craft you could DIY, it was so much easier and more pleasant having her do it for me. I would absolutely use her services and company again.


Spotty Party and Pink Stripe Cups, Spotty Cupcake CasesSpotty Large and Pink Stripe Small plates, Pink Stripe and Spotty napkins and Hooray Gift Tags.


Peppa photo props from Ira Jo Jo Bowtique that I cut out and glued to wooden dowels.


Custom stickers from Too Pretty Personal that went in the favor bags along with Peppa cookies, a pass for a free cooking class and a Curious Chef toddler-friendly knife to get started at home.


Testing my Peppa pink…




Custom cookies from Sweet Naomi Cookies. I ordered our Sophie cookies last year from Amanda and people raved about them, one friend even ordering for her son’s birthday party. So I went to her asking if she could recreate our favorite pig. Of course she could! She can do anything!



Spotty Paper Globes


I used a blue paper roll for the sky banner, tissue mats for the grass and white and yellow poster board for the clouds and sun.



Mini pinwheels from Party Happier and Pinwheels and Toot Sweet Cupcake Toppers from Shop Sweet Lulu.


TriBeCa Treats cake.


Photo “booth” setup.


I scattered the already adorned and charming bookshelves with Peppa dolls and books.


And I Googled “Peppa Pig coloring pages” and printed a bunch out for the kids to color as they arrived.


I placed The Story of Peppa Pig at the entry table that guests could sign as they arrived or before they left.


TOMS Yellow Rain Boots. Every year at Christmas and her birthday, when she’s getting an influx of new toys, I have Lilly sit with me and we collect a bunch of items no longer loved and give them away. I like that her shoes for the party echoed this sentiment. One for one.


Of course she talked about her boots for weeks and loved putting them on at home but they only lasted long enough for this photo to be snapped. After that, she was barefoot like a hippie at Woodstock. If Woodstock was a toddler cooking class in Soho with paper puddles from a pig cartoon.


What’s sweeter than little girls in their party dresses? Lilly wore a Motoreta confetti frock.


Both Peppa and her number one fan drink “bubble water” so I made sure that was on hand.


And, of course, endless mimosas for the tired parents.


I used a brown paper roll to cut out the puddles.