October 25, 2017

Lilly & Oliver’s Halloween Costumes

When it comes to Halloween, we usually do the whole family thing. Minus Lilly’s first year when she was 5 months, an owl and I was still getting my act together. Her second year she was Pebbles, Zach was Fred and I was Wilma Flintstone. Third, she was a school bus, Zach was a pencil and I was an apple and last year, per her request, we were all Paw Patrol.

This year, with a new member in the family, I started thinking about foursomes last February! What would be more perfect than then Berenstein Bears once we knew we were having brother?! For awhile, I thought the deal was sealed. This summer, things started to unravel.

Every five minutes, it was something different. Eloise, the Statue of Liberty, a baby, Doc McStuffins, Sheriff Callie, Poppy from Trolls, a pup from Paw Patrol again…

For a bit, she wanted us to be Boss Baby. How cute would Ollie look in a little suit? But that was nixed, which is just as well as, without him, she’d just look like she was dressed as a boy.

Then, she wanted to be Little Red Riding Hood and it was her idea to carry a basket of muffins and Ollie be one of the muffins. Loved that! Zach would be the wolf and I would be… Grandma. But that went by the wayside too.

So, since Lilly had been calling her brother Woodstock before he arrived, I took matters into my own hands and decided our next theme.

Zach would be Charlie (or Linus- I kind of liked the idea of him carrying around a blankie) and I would be Lucy.

She was so excited when the costumes arrived, couldn’t wait to try it on and wore it around the house for days. I thought we’d found it. Damn you, Disney Jr!

Just in time for Halloween, they debuted a new cartoon, Vamperina. And Lilly is OBSESSED. It’s all Vamperina, all the time. And, so, sadly, a vampire girl, it is. The kicker? She wants to go it alone. Our little girl doesn’t want any of us to dress with her.

Trying to still have some homegrown element to it, I suggested we make her own costume (Don’t get me wrong, I don’t sew. I hot glue, I paint, I buy, I commission. We’re not talking Susie Homemaker, here.), which she liked, it made me feel like I could contribute and felt way less commercial. We’d buy a black jumper, paint some white webs on it and pick out the t-shirt, necklace, headband and wings separately so it had a more personal and unique feel. Then… we went to Target. And dammit if they didn’t have a polyester costume right there. That was it. She was sold. And, I have to say, it was far easier and cheaper so I wasn’t completely mad at the idea.

So, she’ll be Vamperina. And happy. And, therefore, I will be too.

Ollie will be Paddington, per all of you. I asked on Stories and you chose that (over a gnome).

Pics of my vamp and my bear to come. In the meantime, here’s another shot of Woodstock. Abandoned by Snoopy. She was already busy putting on her bat wings.

What are your kiddos going to be? You? Do you still have say over what they wear?

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