April 3, 2015

Lilly’s Bunny Party

 Every day is Easter around here because, in our house, the bunny reigns supreme.

So we decided to throw a carrot themed party for our favorite friends.


I made Magnolia Bakery‘s carrot cake for the first time.

It won’t be the last. It was just as good as in-store. Do yourself a favor and make it this weekend.


 I bought $10 worth of organic pecans. And then I burned them.


Soo… nut-less cake.


We also made easter cookies.


Cake from scratch means store-bought dough. I’m not a masochist!


Pop the Pillsbury in the freezer for an hour and throw some flour down. Otherwise you’ll have shapeless, soggy, sticky dough. Still, my carrots looked more like bloated mummies or Russian nesting dolls.


I used candy melts and writing gel to decorate them which is much easier than icing. If you mess up, you can just wipe the gel right off the dried melt. Definitely can’t do that with traditional icing. I may have redone one or two a few too many times. Perhaps not a good idea for a perfectionist.


I used the cutters to trace outlines on some paper to keep my girl entertained while I prepped.


I also cut out some of the carrots, punched holes and strung them together.


It doubled as a DIY banner…


… and a necklace.


I kept the cake half-iced for a rustic look but saved the extra icing for dipping which was kind of a genius move. Made up for the burned nuts.


Real talk? This was a two-day affair. Baked the cake one day, made the cookies the next. It’s too much (for me at least!) to do it all at once while tangling with a toddler. We also started out doing this process together. But she’s (almost) 2 so when I said, “Do you want to bake a cake?” she got all excited chanting, “Bake a cake! Bake a cake!” but once she realized that did not mean eating a cake at that exact moment, she had a massive meltdown. So I turned on Peppa and gave her frozen food for dinner. Sigh.



The next day, I prepared the party and when Lilly woke up from her nap, it was waiting for her.


Her reaction was worth all the effort; I’ll always remember it.


“Yook, Mommy! A party for my bunnies. Yook, White Bunny (we also have Pink Bunny and Lilly Bunny, Shaggy Bunny, Floppy Bunny…) cake and cookies! Ooh, flowers! Mommy, this is so boo-ti-ful! Num!”



We made a magical memory, started a new tradition and had “de-wi-cious” cake!

Seriously. Make it. I’m not kidding. Rearrange your day and go to the store. Thank me later.


Happy Easter (and Passover)!