September 11, 2017

Lilly’s First Day of 4’s

Well, friends, we finally made it! After 4 and 1/2 months off (due to our move), Lilly went back to school! Hallelujah! And by “back”, I, of course, mean a completely new school in a new town (and state!). Thankfully all the prep we did really prepared her for today. The school was great organizing many all-class play dates, I set up some of my own as well and, as a result of both, we were even invited to a few holiday and birthday parties before school started so Lilly was excited to see her new friends. And the school is a block away from our house and we drive by every day so she couldn’t wait to get in there and start playing.

And so, there were no tears, no nerves, she didn’t even ask to take Bunny, which is a BIG deal. Still, I was a little nervous at how she’d do at drop off. Our previous school, was heavy-handed on the phase-in process, which I loved because I got to witness her play, take a ton of photos, etc. This one is no nonsense. We were told on several occasions that we drop them at the door and say goodbye. Day one. That’s it. Well, we got to the school, hadn’t even made it inside and Lilly turned to us, said, “Bye Mommy! Bye Daddy!” and tried to ditch us! What? My little girl? The one who clung by my side for 2’s and 3’s¬†when she knew everyone?!

We informed her it was the class door, not the school door and she wasn’t getting rid of us that quick. We walked her in to show her the cubbies, where she hung her backpack, waited for her teacher and the second she had the opportunity, bolted into the classroom. I hung out for a minute and snapped a few photos through the slit in the door frame like any good stalker parent would do. And for a minute, I felt like crying. I was so proud, so relieved and yet still anxious about how it all would go. Thank God I had Zach there to make fun of me and make me laugh a little.

We then went to the parent coffee, mingled with others (She’s got a great class with a fantastic group of parents, some of whom we’ve already become friends with, others we can tell we will be soon enough.) and then left to head to lunch.

As we were leaving, Zach said, “Don’t even think of walking back in there!” I hadn’t thought of it but since he mentioned it… Upon shouts of my name from him, “She’ll see you! Don’t ruin it! You’re gonna get in trouble!” I snuck back into the building, crept down below the window and slowly inched up, sneaking a peak. And there she was, at a table with a stamp and a huge smile on her face, chatting with the assistant teacher and a classmate. I bolted out of there before anyone could see me, so elated that my little girl was loving it.

We finally went to a celebratory lunch (Lilly goes to the afternoon program) and toasted to making it through a tough summer (move, toddler at home all day, labor, appendicitis and thrown out back!) and officially being on our way to building our lives here.

We also picked up some treats to greet her when she got home.

She was too busy playing to even notice we’d arrived to pick her up.

But jumped up and down as soon as she saw us and promptly said, ” Mommy and Daddy, I had a GREAT day at school!”

Mission accomplished.

(Note: The name of the school and Lilly’s teacher have been blurred for safety reasons.)