January 30, 2017

Lilly’s Room Reveal

Well, you chose it all and we did it! It’s just taken me quite awhile (after a few backordered items finally arrived) to put the finishing touches together, photograph and share it. But, without further ado, may I present to you: Lilly’s Big Girl Room Reveal!


 (Above pillows: stripebunnyknit appledream)

It went from this to this… Bye bye crib, hello big girl bed. Someone’s very proud.


I love the detail (and the color!) of this Jenny Lind bed. It makes such a statement in the room. And the rug is a dream. So plush and padded and the pop of pink is a nice departure from all of the purple and charcoal gray she had in her nursery. For now (until baby boy arrives!) we kept her glider and, of course, her Jonathan Adler beaded LOVE pillow. That was one of the first things I bought her. I hope she’ll always have it.


Being a bunny freak, they had to be included in her room redo. This duvet cover is so sweet and colorful.


She asks me what the words say and I love telling her again and again that she’s bright, bold, creative, funny…


In addition to the word sheets and the pin dot black and white sheets that you voted for, I also got them in pink. With a toddler, you need many sets, if you know what I mean!


I love that the duvet cover is reversible. If we’re feeling a bit more muted or pair with different sheets like the bold words above, we can just flip it over! And the cute Dream pillow adds the perfect touch. (Image originally included in our Instagram takeover with The Land of Nod.)


What’s a girl’s room without her name in it? Love this custom rope from Etsy. And the lampshade from Minted Home adds a bit of whimsy.


This Sugar Paper print has been everywhere in my house. But it truly belongs in Lilly’s room because it was bought with her in mind while I was pregnant in California and planning to move back to New York to have and raise her. I wanted something to represent our time there and how good it had been to us. I think it pairs perfectly with the soft, subtle lampshade and tassel curtains.


These hooks are the prettiest I’ve ever seen and such a bargain now that they’re on sale. They add so much to a plain white door or wall.


No room, in my opinion, is complete without some books. But, for my girl, who is the biggest reader (She can seriously sit for hours by herself with great big stacks which drives the other moms mad. Trust me, she has her moments!), they needed to be a major focal point in several different sections. Some of our favorites are (shown and) listed here.


Perhaps the most fun part of the room, definitely the one she delighted most in, was doing away with the heavy, clunky art pieces and shelving unit on the wall and providing some more personality to her space. I fell in love with these paper animal heads, which I thought was such a fun, affordable and age appropriate spin on the stuffed or ceramic ones, to represent her beloved Pink Bunny and White Bunny, now more gray, and knew she would too.

unnamed-9 (1)

I adore anything Oh Joy does. And these letter decals for Target are no exception. Putting them up the way I did was a bit maddening (I’ve never been a straight line girl!) but that was my problem, not hers. I love the color blocking and modern feel. I had the fabric cushions recovered in this playful pattern. Lilly is obsessed with letters and numbers right now so I figured this area would be a welcome touch. And I was right. She sits, on her favorite book bench, reciting them, making up little games, playing “math” with her bunnies. It’s such a nice departure from the heavy gray fabric they came with and the big, bold, gray wooden picture I had hanging above it. It’s brightened up the space immensely.


I want her to know I value her artwork as much as my own (or the things I’ve purchased) and be encouraged to make and create more so displaying it along with the other stuff is important to me. Plus, it gives the wall so much more life. Posting up some favorite photographs with washi tape instead of in stuffy frames adds a more playful, ever-evolving feel too. Tiffany & Co. piggy bank that she’s had since she was a baby, BB Blocks that documented her monthly milestones, Eiffel Tower from her first birthday party, birdhouse from her third and crown and wand, which were a gift for her second. I think it’s nice for kids to have mementos of their lives displayed in their rooms. (Marlowe Dresser that we took the topper off of for now but eventually will be going to her brother and we’ll be getting her a new dresser.)


Admiring her new space. I think she’s satisfied. I am too. Thanks for all of your help!


And special thanks to our friends at The Land of Nod, Pottery Barn Kids and Minted Home for helping make Lilly’s dream room a reality. 

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