March 28, 2017

Living Room Design Board

One month from today, we move. Ahhh. We’re so excited, we can hardly stand it. I think we’re all really ready to go now- lots of talk from Lilly about the new house. Still, we’ll try to spend the next several weeks savoring the city, doing some of our favorite things and seeing some of our favorite people but we’ll be back so much that nothing seems dire.

As discussed, it’s been an insane few months renovating, decorating and learning a whole new language not to mention haggling over a budget- and a timeline. The construction has finally started but likely won’t be finished by the time we move in so that should be fun! 😉 Painting is finished, wallpaper is going up in about two weeks once it’s all arrived, new windows are being put in this Friday, furniture’s being delivered on the daily… It’s all coming together! But there’s still a lot to do (some of which, like artwork and window treatments, will have to wait for awhile) so I’m just going to focus on our pretty living room for now and envision sitting there, on my new, yet-to-be-stained, comfy couch, once it’s all finished and enjoying the peace, quiet (and color). Until the new baby comes and that tranquility goes out the (new) window(s)!

I’m sucker for blue and white and stripes so this couch had me at hello. And I wanted cloud-like comfort for our living room. There’s nothing worse than pretty chairs that are uncomfortable- made that mistake in LA, never again. These chairs are both luxurious and lounge-y. Speaking of California, I definitely have coastal taste. I know it’s rather rare for the northeast where there’s a lot of dark wood, leather, etc. but that’s just not our style. So I’m bringing a bit of the beach to our burbs home. Light and bright makes me happy. If I can’t have 75 and sunny year round, I’ll create it indoors.

I knew I wanted a fabric ottoman for the purposes of baby-proofing and comfort and I love the way the lines of this rug, the couch and the ottoman play off of each other. And I wanted lots of fun, whimsical, colorful pillows like this one from Leif Shop, this one from Caitlin Wilson and this one from McGee & Co. Who says you can’t do stripes on stripes? Not this girl!

We’re putting this console table behind the couch and will add two gold lamps (TBD) on either side. I’m also contemplating two lime-colored velvet stools to put on the back wall for additional seating, next to our gold bar cart and, of course, once the window seats are done, we’ll need fabric cushions and more pillows- Zach’s favorite! Why do men hate throw pillows so much? The fun continues!

Tell me, where do you buy your lamps? Fabric? Art?

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