April 17, 2017

Master Bedroom Design Board

Remember on MTV’s Cribs (am I dating myself?), how they used to get to the bedroom and say, “This is where the magic happens”? Well, at 30 weeks pregnant (32 when moving in), the only magic that’ll be happening is if I get a full night sleep and wake up feeling 10 years younger, 10 pounds lighter and with the skin of a babe. Since none of those scenarios (including the Cribs kind) are fathomable, I’ll settle for a pretty, new, non-cluttered master to rest in the final few weeks of this pregnancy. With less than two weeks to go, here’s our final design board before we make all these dreams a reality.

My first bed as an adult was a queen brass headboard and footboard (that’s now down in my parent’s basement). When Zach and I got married and moved to LA, we upgraded to a king, which is still our current bed. It’s a beautiful natural, wooden and fabric piece with studs from Restoration Hardware but, after seven years with it, I was ready for a change so it’s going to our new guest room. When it came time to buy a new master bed, I was thinking gray or navy velvet but could never settle on one. Then I saw this bed on One King’s Lane and fell in love but wasn’t sold on the curvature of the headboard so I contacted the designers at Kim Salmela and they graciously agreed to make a custom one for me. It’s supposed to arrive this week and I’m so excited to finally see it after several months.

The bed was all the only piece of the puzzle for a long time. With such a patterned piece, I was stumped with what to do with the rest of the room (I was also a little busy decorating other spaces, working on this site, other projects and, you know, raising a child along with growing another.). I was always planning on going with this wallpaper (love how it subtly warms everything up and is such a departure from the rest of the house), this rug (which is now massively on sale- score!) and these end tables but it all seemed a little too bland and one note; it needed some color and pizazz. It wasn’t until last week that the rest of it finally came together after popping into Anthropologie. Their throw pillow selection right now is perfectly on point with the style I’m going for: textured, woven, eclectic. This throw for the end of the bed sealed the deal. And they’re currently having a 20% sale- another victory!

There’s a gorgeous fireplace in the bedroom, something we’re very excited about, and enough space in front of it to have a sitting area so, eventually, we’ll add to the space but, like many things, it’s not in the budget right now.  Less than two weeks to go…

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