May 22, 2017

Master Bedroom Reveal

We already discussed the design board of our master bedroom but I’m so excited to show it to you IRL (that’s: In Real Life, Mom!). Our bedroom in Manhattan for the past four years was less than ideal. First, it had tan walls, didn’t get much light and, with the blackout shades Zach insisted on and were difficult to move up and down, it stayed dark during the day. Then there was the fact that during the move, the cable man broke the bed, we temporarily placed it on coffee table books to prop it up, life happened and four years later when were moving again (a.k.a. now), they were still there. It’s fairly embarrassing but 100% honest- and us. But, most importantly/annoying, in a small space, it became the storage facility. We permanently had boxes and bags on either sides of our bed; all of the clutter and crap accumulated in our bedroom, which made for a very unappealing, uninspiring and far from serene space.

Now that we have ample room, nothing is being collected in there. In fact, I won’t even let Zach get a dresser because we have tons of closet space and I don’t want any excess furniture. It’s still a work in progress as we needed to center the bed and the rug in the room (one of the many things I didn’t think about, more on that in a future post), which left little space for an end table on one side and plenty on the other. Still working on what will go in each place. And, as I said in the design board post, we’ll eventually get a little sitting area for in front of the fireplace but are waiting on that, for budget reasons. We also need some professional help in the actual closet but more on that later.

Ok, now the fun stuff. Zach, a Texan, who’s lived in NYC with window units and the inability to hang anything in the ceiling has wanted a fan his whole adult life. The only thing he requested in this home (compared to my never-ending list) was a ceiling fan. And, since, in every other room, I got to hang a cool light fixture, I acquiesced. 🙂 Growing up in Florida, we had one in every room and my dad always told me Casablanca was the best so that I knew but had no idea where to look. Then I went to this conference and was approached by the amazing people at Lamps Plus who wanted to collaborate on something for my new home.

I immediately thought new lamps but when I took a look at their site, I was blown away by all they offered and impressed at their affordable rates. That extensive list included a ton of fans including Casablanca. We went with this one because of it’s sleek look, quiet nature, light and the fact that it has a remote control so you don’t have to get out of bed to turn it on, off or change the speed. Zach is in heaven. We’ve been here three weeks now and every night he still raves about it. I have to admit, it is really nice.

We talked about how I fell in love with this bed but had a few variations to it and the fine folks at Kim Salmela custom made it for me. Well, I’m even more satisfied with it in person. It’s so pretty and makes me so happy every morning and evening. And it goes perfectly with the wallpaper, which, I’ll be honest, out of the box and just on the roll, I was second guessing. It almost looked plastic and a little cheap, which it certainly wasn’t. But on the walls… luxurious. And textured and warm. Makes such a subtle difference from ivory or white walls.

We took advantage of the occasion to upgrade our sheetsduvet insert and duvet cover and shams. You can’t have a pretty new bedroom and old, worn, cheap sheets. The Tassel RetrogradeLeyland and Marisol pillows and Tufted Desert throw completed the look. It was almost as if they were all made for this bed.

The lamps are old but I love this similar style and think it would look great in here too. Our rug is sold out but there’s a similar style here. Curtains are these.

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This post was sponsored by Lamps Plus