February 4, 2016

I LOVE My New Work Space

Working from home has its challenges. When that “home” is a small New York City apartment, those obstacles increase. While my backyard is the world’s greatest playground and I’m constantly inspired outside, inside was another matter. Our lack of light, low ceilings and cramped spaces curtail my creativity quite a bit. I was trying to run what has turned from a passionate hobby to a profitable business from my couch or kitchen table. It just wasn’t working. And I was about to lose my sh*t.


It came to the point where we were barely using this kitchen table we purchased almost a decade ago and it was taking up so much room. Not to mention, the heavy, dark wood no longer suits our aesthetic. The entire area was weighing me down but I was holding on to it for a fantom future home, where we’d have more space and had grand plans of sanding it down, painting it white, pairing it with mismatched colorful chairs…

So to save money on buying a new table in the future, I was sacrificing the present. Makes sense, right? It wasn’t working for me so why hold on to it? Once I finally got rid of it, I felt instantly lighter and it’s become about so much more than just a table. It’s an example of where I’m at in my life and what I need to be successful: de-clutter, get over it, move on, lighten up, make decisions for today, be present…


Look how much this LOVE Tempaper that you chose brightened up the space and made an otherwise drab area pop! Speaking of love, this Ava Desk has my heart. Chic and modern, it would work in any space including an entry way or as a vanity. And the drawers are much more functional than the table was. Plus, it’s about half the size and flushes up to the wall, creating so much more room in our apartment, which is greatly needed.

And these stunning (and affordable!) chairs sealed the deal for me. I love how they don’t block off the space and allow the accent wall to shine through. Plus, in the future (I can’t stop projecting- it’s a sickness!), they can go in any home, in any space; they’re so versatile. They pair perfectly with the lucite lamp and I like how the stainless steel magnetic board pulls out the gray from wall, flows seamlessly with my laptop and fits in with the modern feel.


The only downside to my new, light, creativity-sparking space? There’s no where to eat. But those are the sacrifices one makes when building a business. Hopefully, with its continued success (and your support!), I’ll be in a home with ample office and kitchen space some day. And being organized and inspired in this workspace has me one step closer to getting there!

This post was sponsored by Tempaper.