February 13, 2017

Nursery Design Board

Back at it again! We just put the finishing touches on Lilly’s room and now it’s time for her baby brother’s! And about six or seven more rooms! In case you missed it, we’re moving. To a house. From a two-bedroom, small NYC apartment so there’s many more spaces that need furnishing. It’s a dream come true but also a lot, all at once! I’m trying to take it one room at a time and, first up, the newest member of the family.

It’s fun to design a boy’s room after doing a girl’s twice in four years. I originally thought I’d do all neutrals but after living in them for the last four, really ten plus, I’m clamoring for some color! And my all-time favorite hue is blue so there’ll be a healthy amount throughout our home including our baby boy’s space.

I fell in love with this Pottery Barn pillow and based the room around it.

Throw Pillows:

Color Block, Stripe


The rest of the items I’m planning on purchasing are below as well as a question about which wallpaper you think I should settle on.


Seurat Blue Wool

Crib Sheets: 

Sateen Broken Arrow in Light Blue

Baby Geo


Newport Blackout Panel in Navy


Fillmore Crib

Dresser and Changing Table: 

Marlow Dresser & Topper

Which Wallpaper?

An unofficial Choose Nat’s Next Adventure without the actual poll. I’d love for you to comment below with which one you like best for the room considering the rest of the decor and details. I’m also deciding between doing the whole room and just papering one accent wall.


Closet Stripe

I like this one in Byron but think it may be too much with all the other patterns going on in the room so now I’m thinking of possibly using it for the powder room and doing a beach theme or nixing it altogether.

Thanks for your help! Can’t wait to see it all come together!