September 25, 2017

How to Plan the Perfect Apple Picking Party for Kids

If you’re a loyal NNA reader, you know all about our Red Fox family by now. But, for those that don’t, in short, we did a Hamptons summer share three years ago (Is that all? Feels like we’ve known them for eternity!) when we all had one kid that was 1-year-old. We went in blind and came out besties. Without a doubt, we’ll be at each other’s kids’ weddings. Until then, I cannot wait for our many adventures that await.

This was the first summer we didn’t do a share or a trip together. In fact, we went almost the entire season without seeing one another. Besides Lilly’s birthday party, everyone was busy with moves, travel, camp, work, a newborn baby… So we knew we needed to do something celebratory when we finally got back together. We planned for a big fall fest complete with apple orchard, pumpkin patch and baking (I love a good theme and got so excited about creating a little baking station for the kids and some DIY outdoor games). Then, it turned out to be 85 degrees that day. Did that stop us? Nope! What we didn’t account for was the mud. Oh, was there mud. And we’d already invited everyone back to our newly renovated and decorated place for the day. 8 adults, 9 kids under 4, caked in mud… There was only one thing to do: Strip down and hose off. The entire afternoon was clothing optional. Lunch and baking included. The kids had the time of their lives. Below, our farm fun followed by our little neighborhood nudist colony…

We chose Wightman Farms, which was adorable.

Grady proudly helping push Oliver. I love how our kids are like family.

Everyone loves Uncle Zach.

She got the golden ticket.

Who doesn’t love a Hayride?

And here’s where things started to go slightly south.

Many of the kids had meltdowns over how dirty their shoes and clothing became. Next year (or week!): Wellies. We learned our lesson!

Amanda bribing the crew with candy to get a group shot.

The corn pit was the highlight.

While Lilly built buckets of corn, Oliver hung with the boys.

After a hayride, pumpkin picking, mud meltdowns, climbing hay, mazes, chases, photo ops and the corn pit, none of our little ones wanted to pick apples. For an apple picking play date and party. So typical. But the moms weren’t about to let cranky kids ruin our fun.

Paige was the only one who got a pass and came along with the ladies.

All the apple party pics on the next page!