September 7, 2017

Preschool Prep

When I was little, my mom used to do “Kitchen Table School”, a time each day during the summer that my sister and I would sit and do flash cards, workbooks and practice our penmanship. We hated it. Now, as a mom, like many things my own mother did, I’m recreating it. The thing is, I love to learn and loved school (at least when I was young), I just never liked being told what to do. Somethings don’t change and my daughter, to my dismay, is much like me in that way. Except she’s far more stubborn than I ever was so I’ve had to go about it in a bit of a different way.

If she thinks it’s her idea, she’s all about it. So we’ve stocked up on a ton of activity books and puzzles and just leave them lying around. Then, when she’s ready, we jump on it. It’s so fun to watch the pride she has when she completes something, figures it out, gets an answer right. I far prefer it to playing with toys. And that love has grown. Now, when we go out to eat, she does all of the activities on the menu and barely asks for the iPad or the phone (Yes, we’re those parents we said we’d never be!). I hope to instill in her the same love of learning that I had and look forward to more road trips and restaurants with activity pages, flash cards and books than technology. A mom can dream.

Below, our list of favorite games, books and puzzles…

First Words Match It

Trilingual Matching

3-Letter Words

4-Letter Words

Spell It Out

Alphabet Memory

Melissa and Doug Wooden Puzzle

Big Preschool Workbook

Highlights Activity Book

Numbers Workbook

Tracing & Pen Control

Letter Tracing

Preschool Stickers

Flash Cards


Happy Back to School for you and your little ones! Hope it’s a great year!

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