September 26, 2018

As Seen On TV: Apple Picking Party on Hallmark Channel’s Home & Family

Five years ago, I was a producer on Hallmark Channel’s Home & Family. I loved my job, our crew, the creative challenge and was even fortunate enough to be nominated for an Emmy. Not only was I behind the camera, I was in front of it as well. As part of a pregnancy series, I appeared weekly with gestational updates, how I was feeling and even did my gender reveal and baby shower on the show. Then life intervened, we moved back to Manhattan and had our own little apple. 😉 When it was time to launch my blog, I returned to the place I know and love and did so on air! And, it’s only natural now that I’m getting back in the game a bit, one year post Oliver’s birth, that I make my first TV appearance in quite awhile at my old home as well.

Since it’s prime time apple picking season and everyone’s social feeds are full of family pics from the farm, we thought it’d be fun to recreate the party I threw last year for friends of ours. But, per usual, I’m always looking to up the ante and keep it fresh. So we added a few more fun elements guaranteed to entertain and occupy your kiddos post-picking.

As I said on the show, while it may seem counterintuitive, I always have books at kids parties. For those children, like my daughter, who tend to get a bit overstimulated, it’s a good tool to help calm them down. And, if they’re all getting restless and rowdy, gather everyone for a mini story hour. This book in particular, Annie the Apple Pie Fairyis the perfect segue to make the apple wands after!

In addition to the Tic Tac T ‘apple board that I demoed on the show, I love this personalized memory game from Pinhole Press that lets you customize the classic with your own images. Naturally, I used ones from previous apple picking trips and our party last year so Lilly and her friends can relive their own personal memories.

Striped plates and napkins, plastic juice bottles, blue and white stripe straws, red ribbonpersonal pie dishesmini rolling pins and whisks all help complete the party scape.

The apple cookie cutterfruit pics and swizzle sticks are from Meri Meri.

I love customizing their place settings too. I did so easily with these mini spatulas and a Sharpie!

Not only do the kids take home their wands and utensils but their own individual pies they baked in these cute pastry boxes and with their own apple patch, serving as the thank you card, they can attach to whatever they want (clothing, jacket, backpack, shoes) when they get home.

Extra credit? Do a mini caramel apple (and apple nachos!) station where kids get to roll their own apples in caramel and choose between your bar of sprinkles, chocolate and peanut butter chips, crushed Oreos, graham crackers and pretzels… Same goes for the “nachos”. Let them pick the toppings- any of the above or coconut, peanut butter drizzle, crushed potato chips.

And, perhaps the key to any great kids party is an adult beverage for the parents! Throw together some cider, vodka and club soda, garnish with an apple slice or two and give it a fun name like the Post-Pacthtini or the Fall Fizz.

Happy apple picking! And, more importantly, happy post-picking party!

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