April 19, 2016

Spring Cleaning: Lightening Up My “Office”

It seems like I just redid my workspace, doesn’t it? That’s because I did. In October. But then didn’t post about it until February. But that’s the beauty of temporary wallpaper. You can change your space- and your mind- on a whim, or the season.

And so, for spring and summer, I went light with this white brick from Tempaper. I can’t tell you what it did to brighten up the space- and my mood. I kept the furniture, of course. I’m not completely crazy! That’s the beauty of this desk (now on sale!) and chairs, they go with anything! Someone made herself right at home.


And went to, where else, Paper Source for most of the accessories. God, I love that place. (Full gallery of shoppable goodies below.) And my little co-worker scribbled on my new Kate Spade book (and my new desk, which my husband tried to remove with nail polish remover- don’t get me started!) before I even had a chance to crack the cover. I love them. I really do.



A photo calendar from Artifact Uprising of my mess makers.









Stainless steel wall system now on sale!


As much as I loved the brick, there was still something missing for me. It felt too sterile, not enough personality or character. So, along with the help of my husband, who was thrilled, I created a collage. Love a good gallery wall, they’re scattered throughout my home.


The dream, believe, hustle print is from the first anniversary party of NNA, which obviously has special meaning, and is a reminder of what it takes to succeed in this little life of mine. The girl (me!) with cucumbers is a sketch by my friend Bridget that we used for the Choose Nat’s Next Adventure series for the trip Zach and I took to the Bahamas, all voted on by you guys! It was one of my favorite experiences with this site- and in life- thus far. I love that this represents all of that: travel, collaboration (both with my readers and giving exposure to an up and coming artist and friend), adventure, fun. It also doesn’t hurt that one look at that zenned out version of myself reminds me to chill out, not to take it all too seriously.


I stole the LA print from Lilly’s room. My heart’s in NYC but my head’s in California, beside the beach. I bought it for my unborn girl before we moved (at 33 weeks pregnant!) to remind us of where she baked and it’s hung in her room for the past three years so, naturally, it makes me happy. The family photo (taken by Diana Lee) brings me so much joy. It was actually an outtake, which I love because it captured a candid moment of us chasing Lilly down the beach, laughing as she squealed with pure delight over having free reign, finding a seashell and chasing the waves.


I bought this weathered frame in Provence while Zach and I were vacationing in the south of France eight years or so ago. I love that it just gets better with age. To complete the wall, I wanted some of my favorite artist’s work. Luckily I live with her so it was easy to acquire. I had her finger paint till I could no longer stand the mess, resulting in several works to choose from at the end of our fifteen frenetic minutes. There were hearts and swirls, globs and dots but when she planted her whole little hand into the paint, I knew that was the one. It can’t help but make me smile.


And that’s what a gallery wall should do: evoke good memories, inspire, comfort, bring joy, even laughter. Mission accomplished.



Hope you love it as much as we do.


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This post was sponsored by Tempaper and Paper Source.