January 27, 2014


My daughter’s about to be nine months old; she’s been in the world the exact amount of time she was inside of me. Therefore, I think it’s finally time to share about that transition. I’ve almost recovered. Almost.

At parenting class, we went around the room and talked about our fears. Most were scared of labor. Not surprisingly, those were also the ones planning a natural birth.

Then there was me. Fear-free. “I’m Natalie. Epidural me.”

I didn’t pretend to even consider another way. Didn’t care how long the needle was, didn’t really feel the need to experience contractions. I wanted to be knocked out and since that wasn’t possible, I opted for the next best thing.

My pregnancy should have been an indication of things to come.

While my daughter was nestled all snuggly in her bed my womb, her mother was anything but. The day after my due date, my OB scheduled an induction ten days later. Not on my watch! Or in my uterus!

I remember my friend telling me she went to an acupuncturist to induce labor. I booked an appointment the following day, was there at 10am, out by 11 and at 3pm my water broke.

Contractions didn’t immediately follow so I asked my doctor if I could stay home for a bit. That was the best (and only?) piece of advice from parenting class. “You’ll be at the hospital long enough. If you can, take some time at home.” So, with a level of energy and excitement I’ve never known, I cleaned my entire apartment, washed and blew dry my hair, packed and re-packed my hospital bag, watched some TV, ate a big ass bowl of pasta and sat and chatted with my husband about how our lives were about to change.

And then it was time to change them.

We drove calmly to the hospital as if we were heading to the store to pick up some bread and, upon arrival, paid for a private room like we were signing up for a snorkeling excursion on vacation. Everything was seamless, relaxed and calm.

Once in triage, I asked the nurse if I could have some last minute snacks. She agreed so I sent my husband for my favorite Starbucks (soy chai latte), sparkling water, a banana and a People mag, where I read about Kate’s bump before getting rid of my own.