September 22, 2015

Which Wallpaper?

Speaking of organization, I need your help!

I’m in serious project mode here in our apartment. We moved in when I was 35 weeks pregnant so not much happened besides the nursery. Since then, it’s been non-stop chaos. Plus, we’ve always seen it as a temporary home so I haven’t felt like investing in it all that much. And, I never envisioned starting a website so I didn’t account for an office.

Well, friends, it’s time to make some changes! We’re getting rid of our bulky, brown dining table and chairs we’ve had for nine years, have endured four apartments and two cross-country moves and creating a much needed work space for me. (Zach is making the ultimate sacrifice and giving up his eating enclave!) No longer will I have to sit on the couch, computer on lap, dates and ideas in my head. I plan on having a large, editorial wall calendar, a vision board, some pretty things to inspire me… Ahh.

Since we’re renters and not sure how much longer we’re here for, I’m using Tempaper for my accent wall. But I’m torn with which look I like best. And that’s where you come in!

Do you like the Zee Honey Wheat (above) or the LOVE paper?


It’s a small corner in our apartment in the open living room/kitchen area that I’m transforming. I’m going with a white and metal modern desk and a fabric chair of some sort, to give you a better idea of the overall look. (And the rest of the apartment has blah tan walls, light hardwood floors and neutral furniture. It could definitely use a pop!)

Voting is closed but check back soon for another Choose Nat’s Next Adventure.