March 10, 2015

Wild Things Shower

When my friend Patricia told me she was expecting a little boy, I immediately thought two things:

1) I must throw her a shower to celebrate.

2) It had to be Wild Things themed.

I’ve been obsessed with Where the Wild Things Are since I was little and always wanted a boy of my own to dress as Max for Halloween and throw a jungle-themed birthday party.

Here was my chance! Since it’s her second child and many of our friends were out of town, I kept in small it scale, big in flavor.
To echo the wild nature, I chose eclectic, textured blooms: Craspedia yellow balls, Kochia vines and Snap Dragons, because every fantastical world needs a few dragons.


I decided on a sweet and salty bar to satisfy both teeth and all my guests.


We started with sweet (cupcakes, cookies) and made our way over to salty (popcorn, pickles). The kettle corn bridged the goodies gap.

wild thing

Cupcakes and cookies by TriBeCa Treats. Crown toppers by Nikki Crafts.


I printed some suitable signs and put them in frames I had around the house.


Pipcorn (mini kernels for our mini people- less of a choking hazard) in Kettle Corn, Sea Salt and Truffle. The kiddos loved every flavor- nothing too sophisticated for our little New Yorkers.


Allie Hasson made me a custom “Ready to Pop” sign which I placed in a Pottery Barn gilt frameChevron washi tape added a little pizzaz to my square glass vases.


I chose five different kinds of cucs (garlic dill, spicy sriracha) from local stops like Bubby’s and Rick’s Picks because who loves a pickle more than a preggo? (Maybe my husband. Good thing there were a lot leftover!) I placed them in vintage mason jars, tied each with a gold ribbon and some gift tags from Michael’s.


Mommy’s Juice (a.k.a. wine) is needed at every Friday afternoon play date after taking care of our own wild things all week!

I placed the juice with some sweet and sour snacks of scaly fish and wiggly worms.

The kids got mini packs of Annie’s bunnies to round out the animal theme.


Baby Lucas needed his own copy to commemorate the occasion.




Push-pop confetti by Thimblepress.



Glitter paper garland (That arrived terribly tangled so I improvised, cut it apart and taped the circles to my mirror.) by The Little Things by Ellen Vintage.

Lilly forwent the organic kids snacks and headed straight for the buttery baked goods! Can’t say I blame her. She gets it honestly!


It was a glittery good time!


(Lilly’s leggings are Thief & Bandit, shoes Hubble + Duke, shirt Zara Kids.)